DeGrasse Tyson: Climate Deniers Hypocrites For Using Cellphones [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson argued Wednesday on MSNBC that climate change skeptics are hypocrites if they use cellphones.

According to DeGrasse Tyson, since both cellphones and climate change predictions require technology, it is hypocritical to use a cellphone but not accept climate change predictions.

“It’s just…it’s odd that you’ve got your cellphone and you’re using…you’ve got science and use your technology that you want to be happy with…but let’s cherry pick that,” he said somewhat incoherently as MSNBC host Ali Velshi agreed.

DeGrasse Tyson made the same argument regarding the solar eclipse, claiming that the same science used to predict the eclipse is used to predict climate change.

“It was a week before the eclipse and I said, ‘Next week’s total solar eclipse: odd that there are no deniers about this eclipse,'” he recalled. “Because, like climate change, the methods and tools of science predict it. And somehow that went viral, people resonated with that.”


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