Ivanka Trump Opens Up About Depression — Feminists Say She Deserves It

Jena Greene Reporter

Ivanka Trump opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression on “The Dr. Oz Show” this week.

She describes the experience as “very challenging emotionally,” and felt that she wasn’t “living up to [her] potential as as an entrepreneur, or as an executive.”

And since she’s been in the White House, Ivanka has done a lot more than complaining about her time as a new working mom. She’s done something about it. She serves as an ambassador for working mothers and has been trying to improve family leave for new parents.

This is all great stuff for moms everywhere and should make feminists happy, right? Since they’re into advancing women’s rights and making them equal in the workplace – regardless of race or creed.

Not so fast.

A self-proclaimed feminist was happy to hear the news that Ivanka struggled with depression:

This isn’t some Twitter troll either. Kimberly Foster is a Harvard educated advocate for black women’s rights. She’s got the blue checkmark to prove it.

Others chimed in.

Last I checked, it wasn’t exactly considered “feminist” to call another woman a “ho.”

Maybe the litmus test for feminism should be how they treat conservative women, rather than how well they defend their own rabid groupthink.