My Experience With The IPV Vesta Mod And Merlin Mini RTA

Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

I have been using the IPV Vesta, which we’ve written about before, now for 10 days. I wanted to let a proper amount of time pass while using it, before giving my personal opinion of the mod and allow sufficient time to gather some pros and cons with the device. Also, I picked up Augvape’s Merlin Mini RTA tank, which we’ve also reviewed, to go atop the IPV Vesta. I will dive into my experience with the tank as well.

First, the IPV Vesta vape mod. It is my first dual battery vape mod. Although it has two batteries inside, the size of it is not much larger than most single battery mods. It is a solid, well-built mod. The mod feels very comfortable to hold, and the menu settings are very straight forward. The mod itself is capable of up to 200 watts. I use no way near that wattage. Since I use a lower wattage (25-40 watts), the batteries last me all day without having to recharge them. The battery door is on the bottom of the device, which has a “slide and flip” mechanism. The menu settings has three options when you are in wattage mode: powerful, soft, and standard. The difference between these options is just the ramp up time for the wattage you have chosen. For instance, if I choose “powerful,” upon pressing the fire button, I will instantaneous get the wattage I chose at a hard and fast rate. Overall, I am a big fan of the IPV Vesta’s functionality and the physical structure of it. It fires right away, no delay. There is no battery or button rattle whatsoever. However, there are two negatives that I will mention. One, the USB port is tilted to the left inside the mod. This makes plugging in the USB cord a bit difficult. I have to sort of wiggle it to get it to connect. The good thing is, I charge the two batteries outside my mod. I have a separate battery port that I use, so the USB issue I can avoid. Second – and it really isn’t that big of an issue – is the slight gap between the tank and the top of the mod. Tanks will not screw all the way down, flush against the mod. On a positive note, this characteristic will prevent any scratches that would naturally occur if it were to screw all the way down. I highly recommend this mod if you are in the market for a dual battery device.

Now for the Merlin Mini RTA that I picked up to use on top of the Vesta. It comes with single and dual coil decks. I currently use a single coil build. The tank comes with the option to “mouth to lung” or “direct lung” vape. (I explain the difference between MTL and DL in another article). I use the option for direct-lung vaping. To vape DL just remove the cap under the coil for increased airflow. If you you want a MTL vape, you would screw the cap back in for a more restrictive airflow. The tank itself holds 2ml of liquid. The airflow control is on the bottom and the juice flow control is directly above that. The mouthpiece is heat-resistant, so there is no need to worry about it getting too hot. Overall, I have to say it is built very well. The flavor you get from this RTA is tremendous and I am beyond happy with the vapor production as well. There has been no leaking issues at all. Also, I have had no problem with it getting too hot if and when I chain vape. Of course, there are some downsides. One, when twisting off the top cap, the whole tank sometimes twists causing the juice flow chamber to move along with it. This is not a major issue and doesn’t affect much other than just manually readjusting it back. The same goes for when I adjust the airflow. Sometimes the tank will twist with the airflow. To avoid this, I just make sure my fingers are on the airflow control only or I hold the tank still while I turn the airflow. In the end,  I recommend this tank to any vaper, especially those who like rebuildable tanks. It truly is easy to build your coil on and set your cotton within this tank. I reset my cotton every other day to keep it fresh and the flavor at it’s best.

Vape Mod/Tank Combo (Kevin Krilla)

The combination of the IPV Vesta and the Merlin Mini RTA is a completely perfect match. I figure you can’t get that much better of a duo in vaping products. Using this setup is a joy to vape everyday.

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