90’s Actresses Who Haven’t Aged One Day [SLIDESHOW]

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

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The 90’s was quite a time to be alive. It was arguably the best decade, and it delivered some of the best music, television, and films.

We had boy bands like N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys and the decade also brought us some of the best fashion that we sometimes try to bring back in style just to be able to relive that time.

It was also one of the best sports eras, with athletes like Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, and Ken Griffey Jr.

When it comes to the best sitcoms of the 90’s, I think we can all agree that ‘Friends’ would be number one on most people’s lists. It also brought us ‘Scream,’ which is now a classic in the horror genre, and starred Neve Campbell. Another great television series out of the decade was ‘ER’ starring George Clooney and Julianna Margulies.

Here is a look at some of our favorite actresses from the best decade, and just a side note – they haven’t aged a day.