Mexican Foreign Minister: Go Ahead And Send The Illegals Back, America’s Loss


Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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NEW YORK—The U.S. southern border wall was not a topic of discussion between the U.S. and Mexico’s delegations at the United Nations.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso told reporters, “It [the border wall] was theme that was never discussed between Mexico and the United States. It was never discussed.”

Videgaray Caso, however, did give his thoughts on the current debate happening in the U.S. over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy that could affect scores of Mexicans living in the U.S. He claimed that sending such individuals back to Mexico would be his country’s gain and America’s loss.

“In the states, we acknowledge that immigration policy and immigration decisions, it’s something to be defined by Americans and Americans only — by American institutions it’s the sovereign right of a sovereign nation,” Videgaray Caso said.

He went on to say, “However, we as the government of Mexico have an obligation, a legal and moral obligation, to protect and support Mexicans wherever they are in the world including the US. Therefore, we are working through our 50 consulates to provide advisory guidance and legal representation to those that need it. A case in point is that of the DACA beneficiaries– the dreamers.”

He added, “We believe it would be a big loss for the US and a big win for Mexico if all those young people–many of them engineers, computer scientists, accountants– that are not only well behaved but have creative energetic– leave this country. It’s hard to understand why a country would export an expert for free human capital of this quality.”

Videgaray Caso later noted that Mexico called on the help of the UN to monitor human rights violations of their citizens within the U.S. and will not hesitate to bring cases of abuse to either U.S. or international courts.

Mexico, currently recovering from a disastrous earthquake, received immediate aid from the international community, including the United States. According to Videgaray Caso, President Trump “was very quick to react” to Mexico’s dire circumstances, ordering  “people in the White House and other departments, including USAID FEMA and the Department of State, to react.”  U.S. crews are already in Mexico City.

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