Title IX Specialist At Northwestern University Has A History Of Anti-Male Posts

Liam Clancy Reporter

A Title IX Specialist at Northwestern University has a history of making “anti-male” posts online, RealClearInvestigations reported Saturday.

Kate Harrington-Rosen is the Equity Outreach and Education Specialist for the Office of Title IX/Equal Opportunity and Access at Northwestern University. According to the report, she also runs the “Not Sorry Project,” an active campaign on Facebook and other social media websites “to give space and voice to women, femmes, and other marginalized groups.”

The “Not Sorry Project” Facebook page contains a post authored by Harrington-Rosen that demonstrates views skeptical of due process for those accused of rape, as well as posts decrying “cis straight men.”

“I’m not sorry that none of my friends are cis straight men,” Harrington-Rosen wrote in a post co-authored by her co-founder.

In another post, Harrington-Rosen and her co-founder wrote “I’m not sorry I’m skeptical of procedure and neutrality.”

The RealClearInvestigations report notes that while “Harrington-Rosen is not responsible for investigating or resolving complaints of sexual assault,”  her job nonetheless entails training others on  “campus-response protocols.” (RELATED: DeVos Rescinds Obama-Era Sexual Misconduct Policy And Implements New Interim Guide)