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Here’s Why #TakeTheKnee Is The Most Important Thing In The World Right Now


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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the other day Donald Trump tweeted something, and then a bunch of pro football players decided to kneel during the National Anthem, and now it’s this whole big thing. Suddenly, bending the knee isn’t a sign of deference to those in power, but rather a sign of disobedience. If you’re not exactly sure how that’s supposed to work, or if you don’t think those players should be doing that, it doesn’t matter. If you think we’ve got bigger problems in America right now than a bunch of wealthy athletes feuding with the guy who beat Grandma, your opinion is irrelevant. A lot of people feel very strongly about it, so that means you’re wrong. And you’re probably a racist. Here’s why:

(Hey, one last time, right? If you think it’s funny, that makes me happy. If you don’t think it’s funny, that makes me happier.)