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Hillary Asks: Does Trump Know Puerto Ricans Are American Citizens?

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You gotta hand it to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the press. They couldn’t drag Grandma over the finish line on Election Day, but they can keep dragging her into their studios to whine about the guy who defeated her.

Nick Visser, HuffPo:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday launched a blistering attack against President Donald Trump for his near-silence on the humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico, questioning the president’s focus on a days-long campaign against NFL athletes on Twitter while the U.S. territory has struggled with universal devastation.

“I’m not sure he knows that Puerto Ricans are American citizens,” Clinton told Sirius XM’s Zerlina Maxwell on Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Wisconsinites aren’t sure Hillary Clinton knows that they’re American citizens.

I’m looking at HuffPo’s front page now, and the only headlines I see about Puerto Rico are about Trump’s reaction to it. Same with CNN. MSNBC has exactly one non-Trump-related headline about it. It’s almost as if their only interest in the story is political.

This whole #TakeTheKnee thing is dumb and overblown, on both sides, but let’s not pretend the media really cares about Puerto Rico. They care about leverage, and they think this gives them some.

Question for all you #woke journalists in #theresistance: If you think Trump is focusing on the NFL protests as a distraction from the real issues, because he knows you can’t resist taking the bait, then… um… why are you taking the bait?

Why do you keep doing exactly what this guy wants you to do? It keeps happening again and again and again, yet you don’t seem to learn anything from it.

That works for me, because I never want you to win another election. At this point, the only thing worse than President Trump is President [Fill in Democrat here].

Go ahead, keep having your little sob sessions with Hillary. Keep pretending none of this is your fault. Keep driving away anybody who doesn’t march in lockstep with you.

Keep up the good work.