MORNING MIRROR EXCLUSIVE: Weiner’s Ex-Sexting Mistress Says Prison Won’t Help

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Quote of the Day:

“If you want a hearing you better shut up.” 

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) to protestors at a Monday hearing on the Affordable Care Act.

EXCLUSIVE: Weiner’s ex-sexting partner shows no mercy in his prison sentence

“I’m glad he got at least some prison time. He deserves it. My only advice to him would be to stick to sexting adults & leave children out of it. But I bet he does all of this all over again, I don’t think he will learn his lesson.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers told The Mirror.

Me: Oh wow. You don’t think prison will teach him?

Her: Well, losing his congressional seat didn’t teach him. The failed mayoral bid didn’t teach him anything either. I don’t see this being much different.

Me: I felt sorrow (sort of) about all his crying. But yeah, these are good points. He hasn’t learned shit from any of this.

Her: I feel bad for the 15 year old & for Weiner’s child but not him. I think the tears aren’t because he’s truly sorry. He’s sorry he got caught. I think that’s about it.

Me: Not to get into too deep of a Weiner analysis (haha) but I feel like he’s so totally self-destructive at this point. Like he just cannot stop.

Her: Yep that’s why I don’t think prison will change him.

Me: But will he be safe in prison do you think?

Her: If he goes to a minimum security facility yes. But I heard his defense may come back to bite him in the ass. Since they insisted he’s a sex addict who needs counseling he may have to go to a medium security facility if there’s no minimum security prison that offers that kind of treatment. And if he’s around more dangerous inmates he’s definitely going to be in trouble. Even prisoners don’t like pedophiles.

Me: Ohhhhh I didn’t know that was a consideration — that he may have to go to medium security. He’ll write a book — you know it.

Her: If he doesn’t kill himself to avoid prison time.

Me: Oh God…I don’t think he would. He’s too narcissistic. And his son.

Her: I don’t think his son crosses his mind much when he makes decisions or he wouldn’t be in this situation. And he wouldn’t have taken that photo of his son & his boner.

Me: That’s all true, but I do think he loves his son.

Her: I hope he does but I doubt he feels anything for anyone but himself.

Me: I feel like we’re on an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Her: They made one loosely based on my “scandal” haha.

Me: Did you feel like it was true enough to real life?

Her: Not at all but it wasn’t really meant to be, I could tell. Very loosely based lol.

Me: Thanks for your help as always.

Her: No prob! Have a great night.

Me: You too and happy birthday! (Her birthday was Saturday.)

Her: Thank you!

An artist draws Weiner in the courtroom…

Ian Bremmer is a NYU prof.

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The Register, an online global tech pub.

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Something about Charles Payne that doesn’t involve Scottie Nell Hughes

“My favorite movie is ‘Glory’ especially final battle scene with American flag – I love the national anthem makes me feel ten feet tall.” — Fox Business host Charles Payne.


Travel Bitches

“My adventures with @AmericanAir continue. Now cut off for the third time after holding; one transaction has now taken 2+ hours.” — Tom Nichols, prof at the Naval War College, former U.S. Senate aide.

Media personality uses future death to attract subscribers

“Hey guys! I’m gonna die one day. SUBSCRIBE!!” — Akilah Hughes, self-described “comedy person” and blogger. You can find her YouTube channel here.

Story: Sec. of Education “Betsy DeVos is a disgrace” 

“Betsy DeVos, who was born into billionaire family and married into another, mocks defrauded students as greedy.” — Lee Fang, investigative journalist, The Intercept, linking to this story in HuffPost, which reports that “Betsy Devos is “a disgrace.”

Journo Love

“A big congratulations to @JoePCunningham, new Asst. Managing Editor at @RedState, and @AndreaNRuth, the new Assistant Editor!” — Kimberly Ross, senior contributing editor, RedState.


BuzzFeed‘s Saeed Jones in anticipation of his second day of hosting “AM2DM,” an online show he co-launched Monday about Twitter: “Wait a damn minute. WE GOTTA DO THIS SHIT ALL OVER AGAIN??????”

Journo quasi-jokingly blames Huma for Weiner’s scuzzy cyber cheating 

“If Huma Abedin had stayed home I doubt Anthony Weiner would have strayed. Abedin journeyed the world while he was a stay-at-home dad.

(Update: This is something of a joke, by the way. Don’t take it too seriously.)”

Charles C. Johnson, EIC, GotNews.

Speaking of Weiner and sexting… 

“Thank you autocorrect for changing doggystyle to ‘soggy style.’ Really way more arousing.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, former sexting partner to Weiner.

Trump gives McCain shit for not supporting the Senate health care bill 

“A few of the many clips of John McCain talking about Repealing & Replacing O’Care. My oh my has he changed-complete turn from years of talk!” — President Trump, Monday night.

Tabloid Roundup

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