Pulling Out Firearms During Campaign Rallies Is My New Favorite Move


David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore pulled out a revolver during a campaign rally Tuesday, and it’s awesome.

Moore is currently in the Republican runoff election against Luther Strange. However, I’d recommend just canceling the election because there is zero chance Moore will lose after this move.

The Hill reported:

During the rally — which came just hours ahead of the Republican primary runoff Tuesday — Moore said he dealt with nearly three months of negative ads, ABC News reported.

“Ads that were completely false. That I don’t believe in the Second Amendment,” Moore, a former state Supreme Court chief justice, said.

He then turned and pulled out a handgun, while saying: “I believe in the Second Amendment.”

The comment was met with cheers from the audience.


Without question one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in politics. The man I want with the nuclear codes is exactly the kind of guy who has zero problem just whipping out his sidearm on stage. That should send a shiver right down the spine of ISIS fighters everywhere.

The terrorists better hope this guy doesn’t win. First he becomes a Senator, then he becomes President, and it ends with Moore personally killing the terrorists.

I will never vote again for any politician who doesn’t arrive strapped to a rally. Either prove to me you carry a gun or don’t run for office. After all, this is America.

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