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Morning Mirror: Kellyanne Conway Gets Picked Up By Armed Driver

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“280 characters, we’re all gonna die.” 

Asawin Suebsaeng, The Daily Beast.

Rep. Schiff cracks on President Trump

“Can we limit one person’s account to 140 characters? Asking for a worried nation.” — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), reacting to Twitter trying out upping the word count to 280. This is obviously a smack in Trump’s face.

‘Twitter has eaten my brain and made me better’

“I will say this tho: For all that twitter has eaten my brain, the 140-character limit made me a staggeringly more efficient thinker & writer.” — Helen Rosner, editor, content strategist, formerly at Eater and New York Mag.

A text from a Mirror spy: “Kellyanne Conway may have lost her Secret Service detail but she still has an armed driver that picks her up every MORNING.”

Cabinet Sec. says this is high-T administration

“With hundreds of people with high testosterone coming into the White House, the idea that there would be a little pulling and tugging surely is not a strange idea. So that’s normal to administrations.” — Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross.

Chelsea Handler says something dirty about Pence and his wife 

“This cast of characters Trump surrounds himself with is like a marvel movie. Roger Stone, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway. So repulsive. ….Mike Pence is set to tour NASA facilities today. Before going he had to promise his wife he wouldn’t visit Uranus without her.” — Chelsea Handler, comedian.

Overheard in the newsroom…

“I hear shit.” — Anonymous.

Hear something entertaining or dumb in your newsroom? Tell me about it at 


“I have eaten pork knuckle, and it was amazing.” — Tom McKay, night editor, Gizmodo.

Journo gets temporarily locked out of Twitter 

“Okay, I just got locked out of my account again, and I had to prove I’m not a robot. (I’m probably not.) Is someone trying to hack me?” — Jim Treacher, The Daily Caller.

Daily Beast‘s Sam Stein mocks Sen. Ted Cruz 

“Do 280 character limits increase the odds of accidentally liking or tweeting out a porn link? Asking for a senator.” — Sam Stein.

Journo prepares for crying jag during ‘This is Us’ premiere  

“I’ve never cried as hard for a TV show as I did for season 1 of #ThisIsUs – already choked up for tonight season 2 premiere.” — Emily Miller, formerly of One America News Network.

Jim Acosta gloats about Trump’s loss

“Trump ’embarrassed and pissed’ that Strange lost last night. Feels outdone by Bannon. Blaming McConnell. Per mult sources to CNN WH team.” — Jim Acosta, CNN.

Politico just rebranded itself as the wussy publication of D.C. No sending emails between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. WTF? See here.

Rosie makes fun of Bannon’s ‘booze belly’

Rosie O’Donnell: Bannon looks like he’s in his third trimester — hitting it hard since he got the boot. #boozebelly.

Arthur Schwartz (FOWH): Steve doesn’t drink alcohol. At all. Sort of like the opposite of you and cheeseburgers.

Axios’ Mike Allen urges Trump to ‘be smart’

“With his stoking of the culture war and bombastic style amid national and global turbulence, Trump continues to make every issue about himself — at the very time that he most needs friends.” — AxiosMike Allen. Read more here.

D.C. bus driver gets sprayed with an orange beverage…read all about it.


“I went to catholic school with the kid whose father owns the Steelers; punched him in the face in 6th grade. It was worth it.” — Lucian Wintrich, White House correspondent, D.C. Bureau Chief, GatewayPundit.

Some idiot urged Montel to run in 2020

And ugh — he took it seriously. 

“Please run in 2020,” said Frank Bonini of New Jersey.

“You are very kind. I‘ve got a new respect for how hard that job is. My contribution will be shining light on issues I care about.” — Montel Williams, washed up talk show host, pothead, Payday loan pusher.

Tabloid Roundup








In which I give you my must-reads of the gossip pages…. 

NYP Page Six: Fuck Page Six for now. They steal other journalists’ reporting. Things get really awkward as hell when Megyn Kelly asks Jane Fonda what work she’s had done. Fonda isn’t going there. See here.

The Daily Mail: Oops! The pub’s previous report that Otto Warmbier came home tortured and disfigured with mangled teeth is in dispute because of that pesky coroner’s report. At least they’re coming clean about it? See here.

The National Enquirer: Scarlett Johansson likes it when SNL newscaster Colin Jost talks dirty.