Charlie Daniels On NFL Protests: ”I Will Not Stand By And See America Insulted’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Country music legend Charlie Daniels slammed the NFL anthem protests, stating in a radio interview, “I will not stand by and see America insulted and belittled.”

Daniels is a season-ticket holder for the Tennessee Titans, who chose to stay in the locker room during the anthem on Sunday night in protest.

“I love the Titans, but I love America more, and I will not stand by and see America insulted and belittled,” said on the Big D & Bubba radio show.

Daniels said he recognizes that the players have a right to protest, but he thinks they can find a more respectful way to do so.

“You take a bunch of guys who make…a million dollars a year that can’t find something good about this country to celebrate when they’re playing the National Anthem? I don’t understand it,” Daniels said. “People say they have a right to do it, I know they have a right to do it. They also got a right to do a lot of things they never would dream of doing.”

In a blog post on the subject, Daniels further explained that standing for the flag and national anthem are about “showing that you do respect the freedoms we enjoy as a people and the ones who have given and even currently risking their lives to ensure that we stay a free and sovereign nation.”


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