Marketers: Why You Need to Get on the Programmatic Advertising Bandwagon Now

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If you haven’t heard of programmatic advertising yet, you will shortly. This approach does away with the usual strategy of sending out requests for proposals, negotiating terms, and then engaging in manual insertion to place your digital ads. While you may think the methods you use right now are doing just fine, you are leaving money and potential clients on the table. Here is why now is the time to incorporate this advertising solution in your marketing plan.

It’s Growing Faster Than Any Other Online Approach

According to information released by Zenith Optimedia, the use of programmatic marketing platforms to place ads will increase by around 31 percent this year. That’s compared to projections of a 25% increase for social media and a 20 percent increase for the use of online videos for advertising.

Taking it one step further, programmatic advertising is expected to bring in more revenue than other approaches. That’s one reason why Dun and Bradstreet predicted that the number of marketers using programmatic platforms will increase by 70%. You need to be among that number if you are serious about building a positive reputation and presence online.

Your Ad Placement is More Effective

The typical RTB – programmatic advertising platform relies on software to come up with ad placement strategies based on user activity and data that is collected from searches, social media use, and other activities online. That provides a better idea of where to place the ads so they have the maximum exposure to the consumers most likely to be interested in what you have to sell. The platform also automatically bids on ad space based on the parameters you set in advance. The result is logical ad placement that’s affordable, quick, and reaching your target audience in less time. These factors combine to increase the odds of generating more revenue each month.

Deploy New Ads Faster

Would creating a special ad to run for a limited help your business? If so, you know that deploying the ad in the right time frame matters. Get it out there too late and consumers won’t be all that attracted to it. Make sure it launches quickly and runs for exactly the amount of time it’s most relevant to the event and you will see more traffic. With a ready to buy platform that lets you deploy new ads in minutes and has them displaying immediately after the system buys the ad space, you will reach more people with that special ad.

Online advertising is not a fixed art. The strategies are constantly changing. Unless you are willing to explore the latest approaches and determine how they would help your marketing effort, expect to be left in the dust. Look into programmatic advertising today and run some projections. You will find that allocating part of your advertising budget to this approach makes a lot of sense.

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