Rush Limbaugh To Appear On Fox News ‘Hannity’ Tonight

Justin Caruso | Senior Media Reporter

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is set to appear on Fox News’ “Hannity” Thursday for an interview with the show’s host.

Limbaugh has recently been vocal on NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality.

He claimed Monday that he did not watch Sunday football over the controversy.

“I did not watch the National Football League yesterday, and it was the first time in 45 years that I made an active decision not to watch, including my team, the Pittsburgh Steelers,” he said. (RELATED: Rush Limbaugh: I Decided Not To Watch Football On Sunday For The First Time In 45 Years)

Sean Hannity relaunched his long-running Fox News show at the 9PM slot this week, interviewing a number of high-profile guests to kick off his show.

Hannity interviewed former White House chief strategist and Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon Monday from Alabama. Bannon told Hannity that he wore the contempt of the elites as a “badge of honor.”

Bannon criticizing elite Republicans for having “done nothing but allow economic hate crimes against the working men and women in the heartland of this country.” (RELATED: Bannon On Hannity: Elites Allowed ‘Economic Hate Crimes’ Against Working People)

Hannity interviewed Bill O’Reilly Tuesday. O’Reilly used the appearance to claim that the far-left wanted to “destroy the Constitution,” saying, “They’re after–they don’t want capitalism. They don’t want the electoral college. They don’t want white people…generally calling the shots. So they have to mobilize minority Americans to be angry.” (RELATED: Bill O’Reilly Stuns On Hannity: Leftists Don’t Want White People ‘Calling The Shots’)

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