General Blames Sequestration For Slow Response To Puerto Rico Disaster [VIDEO]

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Retired Lt. General Russel Honore, who led the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, blamed on CNN Friday night the sequestration that happened during Barack Obama’s second term for a delay in responding to the disaster in Puerto Rico.


Honore told Anderson Cooper, “I think the budget guy needs to preposition. If you lead the people you have to preposition and build aware houses around the country. This is not a criticism–this is a suggestion. We need to reopen Roosevelt road. We have the equivalent of a state that’s depending on the National Guard. The road provided jobs and for some reason we closed it. Some say it was Puerto Rico that did it, others say it was a drawn out. Our military, what — it isn’t today what it was during Katrina. The sequestration killed us.”

“We got a lot of aircraft that can’t fly right now. If Congress went out and the Joint Chiefs and everybody laid out, I don’t think it’s effective what we’re doing now. But sequestration was a very hard pain on our military,” he added.

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