Rush: The Left Is Already Politicizing Las Vegas Shooting

Justin Caruso Contributor
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Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh pointed out Monday that many on the Left rushed to politicize the shooting in Las Vegas.

Limbaugh said, “Fifty-eight people are now dead, 500-plus have been taken to hospitals after a shooting across — well, it was from the Mandalay Bay. There was a country concert across the street. Shooter on the 32nd floor and had nothing in his way whatsoever.”

He continued, “And, folks, I’m gonna tell you, the left is already, they are salivating trying to politicize this, and before it’s all over, it may end up having political motivations behind it. We don’t know.”

Rush also criticized Hillary Clinton for tweeting in the aftermath about the need to “stand up to the NRA.” (RELATED: Democrats Immediately Call For Gun Control After Las Vegas Shooting)

“That is politics, Hillary, you are injecting politics into this. The NRA doesn’t have anything to do with this. We don’t know that this guy was an NRA member. We don’t know anything yet. But man they’re setting the table. They just can’t wait,” he said.

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