Chelsea Handler: ‘When Are Republicans Going To Value Human Life More Than Money’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Abortion rights activist Chelsea Handler accused Republicans of putting campaign contributions from the NRA ahead of “human life” after the Las Vegas massacre.

“When are Republicans going to value human life more than the money that they get from the NRA,” the 42-year-old comedian and actress wrote in a post she shared on Instagram Tuesday with her 3.2 million followers. “When we stand up and say no more. Call your representative and let them know that we value human life over campaign donations. NO MORE.”

Along with the caption she shared stats celebrating Australia’s passage of laws that restricts residents in that country from owning automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Uses A Nearly Naked Picture To Insult Donald Trump)


A lot of Instagram users called out the hypocrisy of her argument as a pro-abortion advocate.

“Value human life, any type of abortion is ok though, what is the difference except that some don’t agree with you,” one person wrote.

Another person wrote, “Ummm aren’t Democrats the biggest advocate of abortion? Explain how they value human life to me please more than a Republican?”

“664,500 babies were killed in 2013 due to abortions which you support @chelseahandler 664,500 > gun related deaths from 2013 – 2017, by hundreds of thousands,” one person added.