Flashback: Malia Obama Lands Internship With Harvey Weinstein

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Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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The Obama family has long had a cozy relationship with mega-producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been accused of decades of sexual abuse. Most recently, 18-year-old Malia Obama landed an internship with him.

The New York Times revealed Thursday that there were nearly three decades of undisclosed sexual abuse allegations against Weinstein from women who worked with him. According to many who knew Weinstein, this isn’t exactly a surprise, and his alleged behavior is considered an “open secret” in Hollywood.

Weinstein has donated nearly $600,000 to Democrats and has hosted fundraisers for Barack and Hillary Clinton. The Washington Free Beacon recalled that at a 2013 film symposium, Michelle Obama called Weinstein a “wonderful human being” and a “good friend.” Her husband, then-president Barack Obama, also lavished praise on Weinstein during a fundraiser hosted by the producer.

But the Obama connections with Weinstein are much more recent. In January 2017, Page Six reported that Malia Obama had landed an internship with the famed producer.

Malia took a gap year before joining Harvard University’s class of 2021 this fall, so her internship is likely over at this point. Bustle guesses that she probably finished the internship in August as she started classes at Harvard.

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