Trump Says ‘Who Knows’ About Potential Deal With Schumer On Obamacare

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that he spoke with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer about bipartisan health care reform.

“I called Chuck Schumer yesterday to see if the Dems want to do a great HealthCare Bill. ObamaCare is badly broken, big premiums,” Trump wrote. “Who knows!”

Congressional Republicans have failed in their efforts to repeal and replace President Obama’s landmark health care legislation.

“The president wanted to make another run at repeal and replace and I told the president that’s off the table. If he wants to work together to improve the existing health care system, we Democrats are open to his suggestions,” Sen. Schumer told CNN after Trump’s tweet. “A good place to start might be the Alexander-Murray negotiations that would stabilize the system and lower costs.”

The president worked before with Schumer on extending the debt ceiling and providing relief to Hurricane Harvey victims. Trump also met with the New York senator and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to discuss a legislative amnesty for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) beneficiaries.