Tucker Takes On #BLM Supporter On Modern Day Slavery In U.S. Constitution [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Tucker Carlson sparred with Democratic New York City Council member Jumaane Williams Friday over the U.S. Constitution.


They discussed a video of college protesters associated with the Black Lives Matter movement taking over a classroom and chanting “Liberalism is White Supremacy, and “The revolution will not uphold the Constitution.”

The Daily Caller co-founder asked, “What exactly do they mean when they say ‘the revolution will not uphold the Constitution?'”

Williams said that he could not speak for the protesters, but then stated, “There are issues of supremacy and privilege in this country and it starts from the framework. I pointed out one issue, like in the 15th amendment, that actually still allows slavery as something that they might be pointing out that needs to be changed.”

Carlson said, “That doesn’t allow…”

“If you’re in the prison, you can still be a slave. That’s period.”

“All your viewers that are going to tweet me later, they should just look that one up,” Williams said.

Williams was probably referring to the 13th amendment, not the 15th.

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