Evening Mirror: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tells Journos To Get A Sense Of Humor

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— White House Press Sec. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave a clipped one-word answer to WaPo and CNN’s Abby Phillip Tuesday after a reporter asked, “Is the President telling the truth?” The question pertained to Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), who has said that President Trump is not telling the truth.

Forgotten Q 

“Briefing ends with @AprilDRyan noble effort to try to get Sanders to answer about ‘is it time to talk about police-involved shootings now?'” — Jared Rizzi, White House correspondent, SMXPOTUS/SiriusXM.

Female journo thinks about sexual harassment… 

“When I think of all the pain inflicted by these insecure, pathetic men in power, I am not okay.” — Mary Beth Williams, writer, Salon.

Who’s the mystery media sleaze? 

Erin Donnelly is a London-based freelance entertainment and lifestyle writer and editor whose bylines can be found in Refinery29UK and Playboy.











Hillary Clinton forgets to talk about Harvey Weinstein at UC Davis 

“Hillary Clinton spent 90 minutes in front of a live college audience in CA last night. Not a word on Weinstein.” — Benny Johnson, IJR.

White House Press Secretary mocks reporters for not having a sense of humor 

“He made a joke. Maybe you guys should get a sense of humor and try it sometime.” — Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the Monday White House Press Briefing when asked about Trump’s quest for a IQ face-off with Sec. of State Rex Tillerson.

WSJ reporter sentenced to a Turkish prison 

WSJ reporter Ayla Albayrak has been sentenced to a Turkish prison for two years for engaging in terrorist propaganda. More details, see here.

The Observer 

“What a poisonous atmosphere it must be that accomplished people like Paltrow and Jolie didn’t feel safe to go public about Weinstein.” — Erick Erickson, The Resurgence. 

Journos mock Veep Pence 

BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton: I’d sell my soul to be there when Pence sees the Astros not at all homoerotic champagne soaked American flag banana hammock jiggle vid.

HuffPost’s Jennifer Bendery: Isn’t that Pence on the left, spraying champagne and giggling?

Ivana Vs. Melania 

“Ivana Vs. Melania spat is the best thing to happen to the New York tabs since Marla.” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty. 

Politico‘s Ben White cracked, “It’s also tops on my list of “stories I will never, ever care about.”

SPOTTED: Reuters’ Jeff Mason on a Washington, D.C. bus 

Complete with a top hat, the White House correspondent was looking pretty stylish. This isn’t the first time The Mirror has spotted Mason on the bus. But he tends to wear the hat. And sometimes he chats with cute old ladies.

See below.

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Tabloid/Gossip Roundup






TMZ: Evening bombshell — Harvey Weinstein blames his bro Bob  for his troubles. He claims Bob leaked private files to the NYT. Bob says Harvey is a “sick man” who needs help. See here.

And help he may get — Harvey is off to Europe for sex addiction rehab. He’s reportedly leaving the country tonight.

And …. his wife, Georgina, is leaving him.

NYP’s Page Six: So far, Megyn Kelly is causing NBC’s morning ratings to take a nosedive. An insider says her show is a “distraction” for the “TODAY Show” franchise. See here.