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Afternoon Mirror: Editor Expresses Love For Reporters Covering Harvey Weinstein Story

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“The fact that Harvey Weinstein has to go all the way to Europe for sex addiction therapy is just another example of how ObamaCare has failed.” 

Sean Spicier, faux Twitter account for former White House Press Sec. Sean Spicer.

Overheard in the Newsroom 

“Trump may literally be retarded.” — Anonymous.

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“hillary needs to speak up
ok she spoke up too late
used the wrong words
is she really sincere
why is she inserting herself into this”

Oliver Willis, writer, ShareBlue.

CNN’s Acosta could draw Trump’s ire with this 

“Source close to WH tells me Trump was not joking when he said he and Tillerson should compare IQ tests, contrary to comments at briefing.” — CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

The New Republic tells Sarah Huckabee Sanders to get over herself 

“Take your victim shtick elsewhere, Sarah: the pity court is a far cry from Christian compassion.” — Sarah Jones in an essay in which Jones complains about Sanders complaining about attacks against Christians. Read here.

Love for rape victims and reporters covering rape 

“Love & support to every reporter/editor who’s covering Harvey Weinstein and is also a survivor of rape, harassment or abuse. I love you all.” — Sam Escobar, deputy editor, Allure Magazine.

Andy Cohen will take Kathy Griffin’s spot on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special 

“Andy Cohen will take whats-her-face’s spot next to Anderson Cooper at CNN’s NYEve special, according to release.” — Eddie Scarry, The Washington Examiner.

Mike Elk talks about his Autism/PTSD

“Having a developmental disability like autism carries stigma. So over years I hide it because most people don’t understand what is autism. As I grew older and got diagnosed with ptsd it was easier to explain my eccentric behabior [sic] through ptsd so i stopped talking autism.” — Mike Elk, ex-Politico labor reporter.

Overheard in the Newsroom 

“You don’t want your pits to stink sitting at this desk.” — Anonymous.

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Touré has a beard 

Tabloid-Gossip Roundup 

Daily Mail: Ben Affleck says he’s sorry for grabbing an actress’s left boob on MTV’s “TRL” in 2003 (yes, that’s 14 years ago). See here.

TMZ: In more skeevy Ben Affleck news, the actor once asked a Canadian TV host to sit on his lap topless. He got her to sit on his lap. but not topless. She laughs hysterically the whole time. See the video here.

PerezHilton: Alyssa Milano confesses that she is Georgina Weinstein‘s friend. She calls her one of the “most special humans” she has ever met. Yeah, lucky her. See here.

Vanity Fair: Ivanka Trump hosts bipartisan dinners at her Kalorama home.