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Kat Timpf Posts Daily Vaper Article, Asks ‘How Is This News?’

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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I recently wrote a fun piece on Kat Timpf’s three-second Twitter video, in which she can be seen vaping. Her vaping tweet came a few hours before her appearance on Kennedy Tonight on Fox Business.

Kat posted my article to her Instagram, with the caption, “How is this news?”

HOW IS THIS NEWS @juulvapor

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First of all, Kat, you have an open invitation to come to the Daily Vaper office (or Skype in) and chat about what’s news.

Anyway, to answer Kat’s question, it is just some lighthearted news to show how celebrities can be just like us. Also, it is literally news to our Daily Vaper readers that didn’t know she vaped. We may be reporting your fondness for vaping a year or so late – but better late than never. We in the vaping community need some well-respected faces at the forefront. As with everything, things get stereotyped. This is especially apparent in the vaping world. We need to fight to make vaping more socially acceptable, keep it legal where it still is, and make it widely available as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Vaping saves lives. Vaping adds years to ex-smokers’ lives. What better than showing some on-air Fox News commentators (like Kat and Sean Hannity) vaping? Millions of people take notice. It proves vaping is popular among all walks of life and is picking up steam constantly, as an enjoyable and highly effective tool to reduce smoking and/or quit altogether.

We look out for our fellow vapers here at the Daily Vaper. I hope Kat will let us know if there is a product she would like to try or if there are any she just would like to learn more about. We review all types of vaping products so our readers can be more educated on the products they choose from. Hundreds of different vape mods, tanks and e-juices have been reviewed. More importantly, we stay up to date on laws, legislation and the latest news coming out of the vaping world.

I notice Juul is Kat’s preferred device. Perhaps it was the one that started her vape experience. I can attest, Juul is a phenomenal starter device. And, I am all for, “If it works, it works and to just stick with it.” The only problem with the Juul is that it limits exposure to the exceptional new e-juice flavors on the market. That’s because Juuls require their own flavored liquid cartridges that attach to their devices. Some of these are good! (See: The Daily Vaper’s Official JUULpod Power Rankings). But compared to what is out there, the Juul cartridges are just a drop in the bucket. For example, one of my favorite e-juices is by a company named Cassadaga. The e-juice is called Cannoli Be One. As the name suggests, it’s a cannoli flavored e-juice. And as I wrote in my review, I highly recommend it. It definitely is an all-day-vape! Anyway, that’s just one suggestion.

Even besides being healthier, vaping is better than smoking cigarettes in both taste and smell. (And the tricks are better, too). The best thing is that the technology keeps advancing, at least for the time being. There is no saying what the FDA will do in the upcoming years. You’ll just have to follow the Daily Vaper to find out.

I commend everyone in the vaping community fighting for the cause. And that includes public figures like Kat who fight the stigma vapers face on a daily basis. So thank you, Kat, and keep up the good work.