Nobody Is Having A Better Day Than Putin – Especially This Dog

Photo by Sheng Jiapeng/CHINA NEWS SERVICE/VCG via Getty Images

Jena Greene Reporter
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I’m pretty sure Vladimir Putin is having a better day than everyone else today.

He got a puppy and it was beyond weird. I’m feeling all sorts of things.

I can’t stop watching this. Not because the puppy is actually really cute, but because the entire scene is just so mystifying.

When most people get surprised by big presents like a dog or a car, it’s usually hiding in a laundry basket or a driveway with a bow on it. Not Vladimir. He has a full blown press conference in Sochi while the president of Turkmenistan fishes a puppy out of a kennel by the scruff of its neck.

That thing looks so bewildered and — spoiler alert — it’s probably not going to get any better. Apparently the dog is an Alabai, which means it’s really fierce and bred to fight off wolves and other humans that aren’t its owner.

It’s been reported that Turkmenistan President Berdymukhamedov wants Russia to start buying his gas again. Russia was once the biggest buyer of Turkmenistan’s gas, but stopped after a price disagreement last year.

But all that is about to change because Berdymukhamedov obviously knows that this dog is really rare and Vladimir must be a huge dog guy. So he pulled a few strings and surprised the Russian leader with an Alabai dog.

And look at how much Putin already loves the dog. He kissed it on the head without even giving it a second thought. He also named it Verny, which means faithful in Russian.

If I had to guess on this one, I’d say Russia’s about to start buying some Turkmen gas again.