Ed Asner Asks Chris Jansing For Kiss During Weinstein Interview

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Ed Asner asked Chris Jansing for a kiss not once, but twice Tuesday during a discussion about workplace sexism and the decades-long sexual harassment accusations against Harvey Weinstein.

The 87-year-old star of the “Mary Tyler Moore” show stopped by to plug his new book “The Grouchy Historian,”but before the MSNBC anchor had a chance to start the discussion, he made the request. (RELATED: Celebrities React To Accusations Of Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment)

“Ed Asner, it’s great to have you here,” Jansing shared. “Thank you so much for coming in.”

“Thank you,” Asner replied. “And not even a kiss?”

“No, nothing,” the anchor answered.

“Oh my God…” the actor exclaimed.

She laughed it off and continued to ask her questions about what he thought about the allegations facing the now fallen film producer. Instead of answering the question, Asner pivots and blames President Donald Trump suggesting he created a culture that allowed it to happen, bringing up his “Access Hollywood” tape that captured what Trump labeled “locker room talk” between him and the host Billy Bush.

“So, if the president does it, I imagine other people in power think that they can … they’re free to do it too,” the actor explained.

Then at the end of the discussion he asked once more for a kiss.

“You still owe me a kiss,” Asner explained.

“You’re gonna get yourself in trouble,” Jansing replied. “And with good reason, Mr. Asner.”

“No, no, no,” the actor answered. “I’m not a job procurer.”