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Winter is coming. Autumn is here. Are you prepared for the chilly weather that’s about to be upon us (and in some parts of the country, is already here)? What I’m saying is, do you have a comfy fleece blanket for the season? There’s nothing quite like cozying up with your family in front of the TV or the fireplace all bundled up in a warm throw.

If you don’t have such a blanket, now is the perfect time to fix that. This 50-inch by 60-inch luxury throw blanket is 100 percent polyester, with high quality construction from superfine material that makes it soft and silky to the touch.

It’s hard to determine what the best part about this blanket is. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s available in 7 colors. (Those colors are ivory, gray, teal, chocolate, navy blue, purple and ruby). Or maybe it’s the fact that the gray version, at just $12, is nearly half off.

Normally $21, this throw blanket is 45 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $21, this throw blanket is 45 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Home Fleece Throw Blanket, 50″ x 60″, Grey on sale for $11.63

While this blanket is very nearly a must-have for the upcoming months, it really can be an accent piece for all seasons. It will last you a long time, as well, given its anti-pilling properties.

You don’t just have to take my word on how great of a blanket this is. There are hundreds and hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews that provide firsthand testimonies to this velvet fleece’s warmth. Over 650 customers have reviewed this blanket, with 70 percent deeming it worthy of that perfect score. And the comments in those reviews are telling.

One reviewer writes “This is the softest fleece blanket I have in my home.” Another says it is a “Beautiful, soft, and comfortable blanket.” A third: “Soft beyond belief!”

A common refrain is the desire to purchase more than one of these blankets. RosaleeKeel titles her review: “Super nice throw! I’m ordering another!”:

Jim Beamer writes: “You also might want to get two if you’re a guy and have a significant other. This is because they will want to steal it every night because it’s so soft and you’ll be left out in the cold.”

Like I said above, this blanket is absolute ideal for cozying up on a cold night. Nanette C. says:

Oh my goodness! This blanket is SO soft! The grandkids argue over who gets to use it because they love how it feels. It’s light weight as far as not feeling heavy on your body but it keeps you nice and cozy warm. I ordered this, anticipating the cold Michigan late fall and winter months. This will be perfect for snuggling up on those days, on the couch, watching movies. The color is beautiful! I tried taking photos and none of them do the blanket justice! I love my new blanket!

A reviewer named Amanda titled her 5-star review: “I LOVE THIS BLANKET!” And it’s very clear she means it: “I am sooooooooooooo amazed at how soft and plush this blanket is.”

Don’t you want a blanket to “LOVE”? If you don’t now, you definitely will. Might as well be prepared, especially as long as it is on sale for under 12 bucks.

Cozy blanket (Photo via Amazon)

Cozy blanket (Photo via Amazon)

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