Mia Khalifa’s Message To The ‘Haters’ Is More Proof She Is Unbearable

Mia Khalifa (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Berry)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Retired porn star turned sports analyst Mia Khalifa continued her trend of being the absolute worst during a recent interaction with The Hollywood Fix.

Khalifa has a new sports show with Gilbert Arenas on Complex called “Out of Bounds.” I’m sure it’ll be awful.

She was asked by The Hollywood Fix how she’d respond to the haters and replied, “F*ck you guys.”

Like I said, the absolute worst. People who get to tell their haters to “f*ck off” are generally speaking people who have legit accomplishments. Pro athletes, musicians, movie stars and successful businessmen are the first few examples that come to mind. They have success that they can turn and point to when people criticize them.

Parlaying a short career in porn doesn’t exactly make you qualified to discuss sports, and it certainly doesn’t give you enough concrete credibility to say “f*ck you guys,” to your “haters.”

Khalifa made a name for herself by getting paid to have sex on camera and airing out men who slid into her DMs. Not exactly the same as winning an NBA championship. I really wish she would just go away, but we all know she won’t.

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