Afternoon Mirror: Meet Baby Produced From Trump Campaign Affair

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Quote of The Day:

“Did Harvey ever meet with me about my screenplays which got interest from top production companies? No. Evidently he was too busy plowing every actress he could, or rather forcing them against their will to massage his hairy back. To Hell with Harvey Weinstein and his elitist ‘indie-cred’ crap movement. We went from Charlie Sheen in Major League (1989) to Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love (’90-Clinton-whatever) in a matter of years thanks to that sweating, unsightly blob of class and male insecurity.”

Patrick Howley, founder, Big League Politics.



As some may recall, A.J. Delgado, a TV commentator and former Trump aide, met the father — ex-Trump advisor Jason Miller — during the presidential campaign.

She called their relationship “really sweet” in a story in The Atlantic.

Miller is still with his wife. Delgado said he had told her he was separated. She also said he asked her if she’d terminate the pregnancy. After all, his wife was expecting, too.

Trump’s campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson: “Omg he’s soooo cute! Congrats!”












Scaramucci Post had a preposterously dumb q about the Holocaust 

And the fallout is not pretty. 

Joy Reid, MSNBC: “@ScaramucciPost is dong [sic] a bang-up job rebranding the white nationalist ‘alt right’ as the center lane of politics.”

Jake Tapper, CNN: “What the actual f— is this?”

Windsor Mann, columnist, USA Today: “The only thing that could save Scaramucci at this point is if Anthony Weiner tweeted his own pole.”

Dave Weigel, WaPo: Scaramucci is on minute 102 of his 15 minutes.

The staffer who made the ‘mistake’ won’t be canned 

“We are entrepreneurs and we make mistakes. We carry on. I am not into witchunts. has my full support. Moving on . . . I don’t fire people for making mistakes. Besides, he is my partner. I fire people for not trying.” — Anthony Scaramucci, 11-day White House Comms Director.

Nothing 25K and an emoji can’t fix right?

“On behalf of the @ScaramucciPost we will be making a $25,000 donation to The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Hopefully I spelled that right.” — Scaramucci, (Note to readers: I’m not including the emoji because it fucks up the layout. But it was a yellow head with a smiley face because of course the Holocaust is so funny. )

Scaramucci has a problem with his period

Felix Salmon is host and editor of Cause & Effect.

The Observer

“Today, two people who lost loved ones to war were forced to be centerpieces in political squabbles. This has to stop.” — Jason Howerton, senior editor, IJR.

What about WH COS John Kelly? 

“John Kelly is almost always with Trump during public appearances. He didn’t attend the press conference or Heritage foundation event today.” — Kaitlan Collins, White House, CNN.

The forecaster 

“I walked out of the Tallahassee airport expecting to be hit with the normal wet rag of heat and humidity. It’s pleasantly cool.” — Rick Wilson, GOP media guy, Daily Beast columnist.

A word about Trump

“In 24 hrs Trump revealed his failure to console families of fallen, lied about predecessors’ compassion & threatened a hero dying of cancer.” — David Rothkopf, columnist, WaPo.

Confessional: Kid eats a stone 

“Anybody else have their child swallow a decorative stone? Just me? Great.” — Danny Deraney, CNN contributor, publicist.

Oprah weighs in on Pervy Harvey 

“On the Harvey Weinstein scandal, @Oprah says ‘it’s triggering a lot of unreleased pain…guilt and suffering that a lot of women have.'” — Oprah Winfrey.

Fox News contributor wants to sleep for 11 days 

“Whatever it is please tell me it’s contagious.” — Stephen Miller, culture/media contributor, He was reacting to a Newsweek story about a boy from Kentucky who fell asleep for 11 days.

Tabloid/Gossip Roundup







TMZ: Marcia Clark, the prosecutor in O.J. Simpson‘s murder trial, says Harvey Weinstein could face criminal charges. See here.

NYP’s Page Six: ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t want to overdo it on the tragedy talk. See here.

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