Surprise! Harvey Weinstein Isn’t Taking Sex Rehab Seriously

Ford Springer | Reporter

Apparently Harvey Weinstein isn’t taking his treatment seriously at sex addiction rehab.

Weinstein checked into a facility in Arizona in the wake of the countless allegations of sexual harassment and assault against him, but nobody will be surprised to hear that he’s not taking it seriously.

Dozens of women have come forward with allegations against the former Hollywood studio head, but Weinstein continues to deny the claims, insisting that everything was consensual. On top of that, he’s being a major disruption at his treatment facility, according to a report by Page Six.

REUTERS/Regis Duvignau

“In one group therapy session, Harvey arrived 15 minutes late. Then, when it was his turn to speak, he launched into a speech about how this is all a conspiracy against him,” a source revealed to Page Six.

The Hollywood hot-shot had no interest in hearing other patients speak though, according to the source.

“Harvey fell asleep in his chair. He was only woken up by the ringing of his smuggled mobile phone,” which are apparently banned at the facility. “Harvey jolted awake, jumped up, immediately took the call and then ran out of the room.”

Another source “close to Weinstein” disputed the account of Harvey’s behavior in therapy and backed him up with a half-hearted defense against the allegations against him.

“He insists he never raped or assaulted anyone, and that all the encounters were consensual,” the source told Page Six. “He realizes he has acted like an a**hole, but he still insists he’s not a rapist.”

Whether he’s innocent or guilty of the allegations against him, the fact that he isn’t taking rehab seriously is probably some of the least surprising news you’ve heard all week.


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