Clinton Tells Canadians She’s ‘Not As Entertaining’ As Trump

REUTERS/Rebecca Naden

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Hillary Clinton continues to blame Russia and “vulnerable” American voters for her electoral defeat to Donald Trump. Even as the Robert Mueller investigation begins to raise new questions about Clinton’s role in the sale of Uranium One to Russia, the failed presidential candidate continues to insist her loss to Trump was engineered by sinister Kremlin media manipulation.

After limping on stage due to a foot injury, Clinton told an audience of about 3,500 in Montreal Monday that Russia put “made up” stories about her on television that social media sites in the U.S. then shamelessly promoted to “vulnerable” and “persuadable” voters who supported what Clinton called the “reality-TV candidate” Trump.

Clinton was in Canada to continue a transnational promotion tour of her book “What Happened.” Canadian author Louise Penny introduced the former Secretary of State at the event, calling her “one of the towering figures of a generation.” Penny praised Clinton’s latest autobiographical effort as “a searing book of great honesty,” describing its author as “hilarious, playful, always thoughtful and considerate.”

The “considerate” Clinton whined about being invited to the president’s inauguration because she “really did not want to go.” Despite being billed as “hilarious,” Clinton said she couldn’t compete with “the reality-TV candidate” Trump because “I was just not as entertaining.”

Clinton claimed she felt obligated to write the book. Following a question from one audience member who wondered what prompted the literary endeavor, Clinton said, “I didn’t think people were seeing the full picture.”

The former first lady continued to describe her election loss as a result of a “perfect storm” of political conspiracy: Russian interference, unnecessary attention to her keeping confidential documents on a private email server, and the last minute decision by then-FBI director James Comey to reopen an investigation into those emails.

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