Seven Insane Things The Women’s Convention Wants You To Learn

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The Women’s March is hosting a convention in Detroit from Oct. 27-29, and its list of workshops and panels covers quite a range of topics.

The Women’s Convention says its schedule reflects an inclusive process, featuring grassroots activists and feminist leaders essential to the Women’s March. Organizers note that that they will feature sessions put on by groups including Planned Parenthood, the NRDC Action Fund and Emily’s ListThe convention will also display a “Social Justice City” exhibition hall.

Here are seven of the craziest sessions the Women’s Convention offers:

1. ​Not All Pussies Are Pink and Not All Women Have Pussies
Though “pussy hats” were the symbol of the Women’s March movement, “for many women, the pussy hats represent an erasure of women of color and trans women in the feminist movement—because not all pussies are pink, and not all women have pussies,” the session’s description reads. It says it will address how to better include transgender women — especially those of color — in the feminist movement.

2. #NoMuslimBanEver: Let Us Not Repeat History​
The program description compares the Japanese internment camps during WWII to the culture of “Islamophobia,” and says we must not repeat history by acting out against Muslims. “As the Muslim Ban and other recent executive orders have demonstrated, the current administration is veering dangerously close to repeating this shameful history,” the description reads, adding that it aims to “fight more racist executive orders” that may come.

3. Confronting White Womanhood
“For centuries, violence has been done in the name of—and even physically enacted by—white women,” the description reads. It invites anyone to attend but says the workshop is meant for white women who are committed to examining how they uphold and benefit from white supremacy.

4. Planned Parenthood Reproductive Rights: Reclaiming Our Time and Our Bodies: Achieving Reproductive Freedom for All 
The session’s description says that women must fight back against allegedly record numbers of “unprecedented attacks on a woman’s ability to have full agency over her body.” The panel will help women understand how to aptly “liberate our bodies through an intersectional and equitable approach.”

5. Say Her Name: Police Violence Against Women of Color is a Feminist Issue
“Criminalization of and police violence against Black women and women of color must be at the center of the feminist agenda in the Trump era,” reads the program description. The panel will look at the war on drugs, intensified militarized policing, immigration raids, border enforcement and the Muslim ban, all  through a female lens.

6. Red State Organizing Solutions that Work: Handmaids, Non-traditional Allies, and Rebranding 
This workshop says it will train attendees on the “Texas Handmaids strategy of using political theater to attract attention to issues that require urgent action,” to help make women’s reproductive health care available in rural and conservative areas.

7. Healing as Resistance Work 
This session is meant to be a healing yoga class “for activists in need of self-care,” that will promote intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

The Women’s Convention will also feature film screenings, a social justice concert, and speakers such as California Rep. Maxine Waters, co-founder of The People For Bernie Winnie Wong, and Black Lives Matter activist Brittany Packnett. (RELATED: Here Are A Few Of The People Speaking At The Women’s March Convention. We Aren’t Surprised).

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