Cam Newton Once Again Proves He’s A Big Baby

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton abruptly walked out of a Wednesday press conference when asked about the team’s offensive consistency.

Newton was asked about whether the team could maintain the levels of success they had against Detroit and New England. Seems like a very straight forward and easy question to answer.

Not in Newton’s book. He responded with, “Next question,” and then immediately walked out.

Is there a bigger baby in the NFL than Cam Newton? I defended his gaffe with the female reporter because I figured he’d learn from the overblown media cycle. Well, apparently I was wrong.

You can’t walk out of press conferences and expect people to speak highly of you. It’s not going to happen. It’d be one thing if he was asked a ridiculous question. He wasn’t. Newton got one of the easiest questions you’ll see in all of sports.

Be a man, answer the question and move on. Don’t act like a five-year-old child who is throwing a tantrum.

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