Everyone Says This Girl Is Taylor Swift’s Twin, But We’re Not Buying It

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Jena Greene Reporter
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There’s a Taylor Swift Doppelgänger across the pond, but I’m not buying it.

People discovered Laura Cadman on Instagram recently and have officially crowned her as Taylor Swift’s evil twin, but I’ve found compelling evidence that Cadman is actually an alias for Swift.

Cadman is supposedly a 20-year-old student from Newcastle in the UK. She claims she’s a fan of Taylor Swift and, according to her Instagram bio, is a “‘lefty do gooder’ who loves lipstick, tea and cats.”

You know who else loves lipstick, tea and cats? Taylor Swift.

Very publicly, in fact. Her cats have their own Twitter accounts. And Taylor is rarely spotted without a bold lipstick. Here she is with lipstick AND tea. It’s damning evidence, really.

And while it’s rumored that Taylor is a righty, that little detail in “Laura Cadman’s” bio could be a distraction. Taylor Swift is known for her crafty misleading details.

Let’s review the hard photographic evidence that Laura Cadman isn’t T-Swift’s twin, but rather her alias.

What’s that I see? A cat? Next.

Ugh I want to cut my hair short again but I also want to grow it and see how I like it. WHAT DO J DO

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More cats, I see. Hmmmm.

I hope Heathcliff from the cat cafe in Notts remembers how much I love him

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Love how Instagram user @JustinTimberlakeLookalike commented: “You look better than Swift.” Nice try, JustinTimberlakeLookalike. You’re not fooling anybody.

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And Cadman’s Instagram is loaded with subliminal T-Swift messages. See:

I made this a few months ago and here we are @taylorswift #reputation #taylorswift #swift #swiftie

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Everybody knows that Taylor identifies with snakes since her “Look What You Made Me Do” video was released. But Cadman says she made this artwork “a few months ago.” Coincidence? I think not.

So, people. You decide. Is this really a 20-year-old student from England? Or is it Taylor Swift disguised as … herself? If anybody could pull this one off, it would definitely be her.

Novices like Leonardo DiCaprio try to disguise themselves behind puffy jackets and umbrellas.

Not Taylor. She disguises herself as herself. Pure genius.