Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag: Can The NFL Save Itself?

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It’s Friday at The Daily Caller, and that means it’s time for Hookstead’s Friday Mailbag.

Let’s jump right into the questions.

Do you think NFL ratings will continue on the decline? Can anything be done to stop the downfall?

Great question. The simple answer is yes. There are a couple things the NFL could do. First, they should follow the model of college football, and stop injecting politics into the viewing experience.

The league can also make sure the Monday, Thursday and Sunday night games are actually good match-ups. Nobody is tuning into “Thursday Night Football” if the games are garbage. I think it would actually turn around quickly with those two fixes.

The quality of play is still really high, the games are still exciting, and people haven’t stopped loving football.

You sure seemed to talk a lot of sh*t about the SEC. Not singing the same tune ever since visiting Ole Miss. Congratulations on opening your eyes.

Was there a question in there somewhere? I’ve never once said the people and campus life at SEC schools were bad. I simply said the product on the field has dipped, which it absolutely has. It’s fair and accurate to say I love the atmosphere, and I recognize the conference has dropped off from a competitive standpoint.

To be clear, I’ve always loved people from the South, and I was very happy to visit Oxford with some friends. It exceeded expectations, and mine were already sky high. The food was outstanding, the people were great, the atmosphere was electric, and the young women were beautiful — and it was a blast talking football with the guys. It doesn’t get much better than that.

You can read about my entire experience here.

Will you ever publish your rules of life?

This question was sent in by a former intern here, and it’s in regards to something most of you likely aren’t familiar with. Well over a year ago I wrote something called “Hookstead’s Rules.”

It basically covers my 100 rules for life as a dude. It is a rough draft; I haven’t touched it much since. It’s solid, but it also needs a bit of work.

I also have zero interest in releasing it at this time. Now, I’d rethink my decision if somebody came to my door, and offered me $5 million. I’d release it in a heartbeat.

That’s not happening right now, thus, I have no intentions of releasing it any time soon.

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