Trump Promises To Release All JFK Files To Put ‘Conspiracy Theories To Rest’

Justin Caruso Contributor
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President Donald Trump tweeted a message Friday signaling his intent to release all of the remaining JFK files.


Trump tweeted #JFKFiles with a picture with a caption that reads in part. “After strict consultation with General Kelly, the CIA and other Agencies, I will be releasing ALL JFK files other than the names and addresses of any mentioned person who is still living.”

“I am doing this for reasons of full disclosure, transparency and in order to put any and all conspiracy theories to rest,” the image also read.

Almost 3,000 files related to the assassination of JFK were released Thursday. However, a small number of files were withheld due to national security and law enforcement concerns. (RELATED: JFK Assassination Files Are Now Declassified. Read Them Here.)

The documents can be viewed in full here.

Trump has previously tweeted about the JFK files, saying, “JFK Files are being carefully released. In the end there will be great transparency. It is my hope to get just about everything to public!”

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