‘Double Take’: Hillary Clinton’s Costume Idea Is The Scariest Of Them All

Julia Nista General Assignment Reporter
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Tuesday on ‘Double Take’, Hillary Clinton comes up with the worst Halloween costume imaginable and Glamour Magazine honors Women of the Year — who all seem to share liberal politics.


Nista provides a few alternative costume ideas — from a group costume of the Electoral College, a couple’s costume of Michigan and Wisconsin — to two individual costumes, one of the Trump Dossier and one of “a map of the Middle East so that [Hillary] knows where Benghazi is the next time that they call her for help.”

“We should have a costume contest so if Hillary does end up dressing as the president, I think president Donald Trump should also just be the president and see who wore it better,” Athey remarked.

Among the most ridiculous things in modern feminism, Cosmopolitan UK recently tweeted out a story that begs women in relationships to sympathize for “the other woman,” as in women that are in affairs with their current partner.

Glamour Magazine also honored Maxine Waters, Solange Knowles, Samantha Bee, and Linda Sarsour for Women of the Year — all openly left-leaning individuals with questionable resumes.

However, the show ends with an upside. Actress Claire Foy recently responded that she is “OK” with Adam Sandler touching her knee. This proclamation comes in the midst of Hollywood sexual harassment allegations from Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and even NBC’s Mark Halperin.

“It’s a very friendly altercation,” Nista weighed in. “Claire Foy is ok with having normal relations with men, and we want to give her a shoutout.”

“For [the media] to conflate this instance with actual sexual harassment and assault is what makes it harder for victims to come out because their experiences are being belittled by this,” Athey commented.

What will “Double Take” tackle next? Stay tuned to find out!

Julia Nista