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Is This The Hottest Vaper In America?

Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for UNICEF

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Katy Perry just might be the hottest vaper in America. I mean, show me another woman celebrity who has Katy beat in that regard. What’s even hotter is that she doesn’t try to hide it…

Katy Perry is not only one of the most popular singers on the planet, but she is also a vaper! And she has been for years. Most famously, she shared a vape pen with then-beau Orlando Bloom at the Golden Globes in 2016. I would share my vape pen with her, that for sure!

As vaping is taking the smoking world by storm, more and more celebrity figures are being spotted vaping. Whether it be a simple cig-a-like or a more advanced vaping mod, it is all the more healthful than the tar and hundreds of carcinogens one inhales from a traditional cigarette. It is much better to take in vapor, with its few easily identified ingredients, than everything that comes from tobacco smoke. You get your nicotine fix from either of them. (And while it’s a good idea to use nicotine, you should do so in a responsible way).

As a creative person, Katy surely knows the benefits of nicotine. She should be applauded for her decision to do it in a smart and healthful manner. Millions of young girls look up to her. Katy should do all she can to make sure they don’t end up tobacco’s next victims.