Wendy Williams Passes Out On Live Television – Finishes The Show

(Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Wendy Williams, the unofficial queen of daytime television, chose the right day to have a scary fainting episode on live television.

The hostess – dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween – was 48 minutes into her hour long show when she fainted in the middle of a sentence.

You can kind of tell something’s wrong right off the bat after the commercial break. The camera zooms in dramatically, her voice gets shaky, her eyes bulge, and then boom! She’s down. The usually rowdy audience gasps a little and the crew rushes to her aid, but here’s the kicker – she finished the damn show.

Wendy, as we established above, is the queen of daytime. The Wendy Williams Show has been running since 2009 and just got renewed through 2020. She’s done over 1,400 episodes. So if you thought a little fainting spell was gonna hold her back from getting closer to the 2,000th show, you’re sorely mistaken.

After getting checked out immediately by medical staff, she was back on the show. She chalked it up to overheating in her costume and kept grinding, still wearing the costume.

Stranger things have happened on the Wendy Williams Show.

Jena Greene