‘Diversity Has Become An End In Itself’: Tucker Destroys Immigration Lottery [VIDEO]

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took on the “diversity lottery” immigration policy Wednesday, arguing that it means “quality is irrelevant” to America’s immigration system and that “diversity has become an end in itself.”


The Daily Caller co-founder said, “You think Google or Facebook or MSNBC would hire with a diversity lottery? Just pick people at random without reading their resumes? Please. Did President Obama hold a diversity lottery when he made judicial appointments? Does the military hold a lottery for officers? No. Of course not. Because in all of those organizations it is obvious that quality matters.”

“You want to pick the best people and allow the greater organization to flourish. Somehow, though — this is the most perverse part of all of this — the greatest organization of all, the United States, has decided that quality is irrelevant. Diversity has become an end in itself,” he added. (RELATED: ‘Total Division Within Our Society’: Tucker Sounds Off On Immigration [VIDEO])

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