Flashback: Schumer Politicizes Vegas Shooting [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Democratic New York Sen. Chuck Schumer knocked President Trump for politicizing the New York terror attack, but a month ago he was doing the same thing after the Las Vegas shooting.


In a speech on the Senate floor two days after the shooting, Schumer accused Republicans of being complicit in gun deaths because they support the agenda of the National Rifle Association.

“In the face of tens of thousands of gun deaths every year, too many Republicans in Congress have tried to enact the dream agenda of the gun lobby and the NRA,” the Senate Minority Leader said.

Schumer speculated that concealed carry reciprocity and looser restrictions on suppressors — things the NRA supports — would have made the Las Vegas shooting deadlier.

“They’ve pursued a national concealed carry law — can you imagine if that law passed, this horrible horrible man could conceal carry under the laws of Nevada and come to Times Square in New York City or Disneyland [sic] in Florida and just shoot away?” he said.

“How in the light of the carnage, knowing the evil that exists…the power of evil magnified by guns and automatic weapons, how could we try to pursue it?” he asked.

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