Kevin Spacey Reportedly Flashed A Teenager, Gave Him A $5K Watch To Keep Quiet

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Kevin Spacey allegedly exposed himself to a hotel bartender in 2010 and gave him a £5,000 watch to keep him quiet.

Accusers are continuing to come forward with allegations against the “House of Cards” star in the days following Anthony Rapp’s initial allegation on Sunday. Daniel Beal, who Spacey allegedly approached while he was taking a cigarette break outside the Goodwood Park Hotel in London, joined the growing group of men speaking out against Spacey on Monday.

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Beal, who was 19 years old at the time, claims Spacey followed him outside when he went for a break, sat next to him on a bench, pulled his penis out and asked, “It’s big, isn’t it?,” before attempting to pull Beal’s hand toward it, The Independent reports.

When Beal went back into the bar, he claims Spacey followed him and gave him a Swiss watch worth £5,000, which he now believes was a gesture to keep him quiet. (RELATED:Kevin Spacey Responds To Pedophilia Allegation From Actor By Coming Out As Gay)

“I thought he was joking but he took off his watch and gave it to me,” Beal told The Sun. “Looking back I realize it was to keep me quiet.”

Earlier in the evening Beal now realizes Spacey tried to ease him into the interaction with delicate gestures.

“Every time I tried to give him a drink he’d touch my hand in a weird way. He was drinking more and more–he got through a bottle of Jack Daniels,” Beal claims, before the actor followed him outside for his first cigarette break, offered him marijuana and asked him to come back to his room.

“Looking back, he was trying to manipulate me from the moment he walked into the bar. In hindsight, that must have been grooming. He was just like his character in ‘House Of Cards’ — seedy and a bit weird,” Beal recalled.

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Beal follows Rapp and filmmaker Tony Montana in coming forward with allegations against Spacey. The 58-year-old actor has remained silent since responding to the initial claim against Rapp on Sunday by coming out as homosexual.