Paul Manafort’s Password Has The Security Of A Third Grade Boy

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Jena Greene Reporter
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This week, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates were indicted by a federal grand jury.

The indictment includes 12 counts of things like laundering money and conspiring against the US on behalf of countries like Russia and Ukraine. Manafort also failed to register as a foreign agent when he was working for these other countries, essentially making him a double agent.

But, according to his computer passwords, he thinks he’s a different kind of agent.

He’s reportedly been going around using the same password for pretty much every highly sensitive account: bond007.

There aren’t even any capital letters in that password. Rookie mistake.

According to Business Insider:

The password hints for the Adobe account were things like “secret agent” and “James Bond.” Those hints basically allowed the researchers to correctly guess that the password itself was “bond007.” The same Bond-inspired password worked for both the Adobe and Dropbox accounts.

I’m sorry for laughing. I know this is a really serious matter. But to make your password anything related to James Bond, when you’re basically the antithesis of James Bond is hysterical.

The whole premise of James Bond is that he works against the Russians. Not lobbying on their behalf in Europe. Haven’t you seen “From Russia With Love?”

Or that torture scene in “Casino Royale?” Le Chiffre isn’t Russian (he’s Albanian) but oddly enough, they’re torturing James Bond to get a password.

You’d think Manafort would have been a little rattled by that scene and made a more secure password.

And besides, Paul Manafort isn’t a spy. He’s a doofus businessman. He spends millions of dollars on really lame things like oriental rugs and landscaping. If they made a movie about Paul Manafort it would feature him mostly bumbling around between Alexandria and SoHo in his 3 land rovers with that dazed grin on his face. James Bond would be ashamed.

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