Dennis Rodman: Trump ‘Needs Me’ To Handle Kim Jong Un

(Photo: Getty Images)

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Dennis Rodman trusts Donald Trump to handle the tension between the United States and North Korea, but he believes the president needs his help to do it.

Rodman is close friends with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and while he didn’t quite put it into words, he thinks Trump needs him to smooth things over between the two feuding world leaders, TMZ reports.

The tensions between the United States and North Korea have grown since Trump took office, and the president has been very upfront about how he would react as the commander in chief if Kim decided to attack the United States. With Trump on his first visit to Asia since becoming president, some are nervous about what he plans to do concerning North Korea during his visit to their southern neighbor, but Rodman has confidence in the president.

Rodman couldn’t quite string a sensible thought together when talking about Trump and Kim, but the former NBA player believes he and Trump can help each other.

“Hopefully he does one thing. The fact that, he needs me to do one thing in North Korea,” Rodman explained. “Donald Trump, please, help us. You always say, ‘unite,’ I’m all about that.”

Rodman trusts Trump to handle the situation because they’ve been friends for a while, but it sounds like he may have had a falling out with the North Korean dictator. The basketball star didn’t want to talk about his friendship with Kim, and even put his hand up in front of the camera when the reporter brought up his name.