Authorities Say Video Captured Deadly Texas Church Shooting

Kerry Picket | Reporter

A video exists that captured the deadly mass shooting at the Sutherland Springs, Texas Church Sunday, local authorities told Fox News. The church records its services each week for viewers to watch on its YouTube channel.

“At least a part of the shooting–a small part of it was indeed recording. Local authorities and federal authorities will be going through that today,” Fox News Channel’s Caroline Shively reported the

First Baptist is relatively consistent in recording its services and uploaded a video from last week’s service along with other services from each week prior going back three years. Each video’s length is just over an hour.

The last video from Oct. 29 shows Pastor Frank Pomeroy talking about having faith in God through forces that are not seen by the naked eye, such as gravity or centripetal force.

“Just as leaning into a turn may not make sense, leaning into God is the way we should go, because God’s got it figured out, whether we do or not,” Pomeroy said.

Officials have not confirmed if they have the video from Sunday’s service, NBC News 9 reports.

Devin Patrick Kelley open fired on the church Sunday, killing 26 parishioners and wounding 20. One of the slain was Pomeroy’s 14-year-old daughter Annabelle. Pastor Pomeroy was not at the church on Sunday morning when the massacre happened.

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