An Undefeated Wisconsin Team Missing The Playoff Would Justify A Civil War

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Another civil war will be more than justified if an undefeated Wisconsin Badgers team misses the college football playoff.

I watched the playoff rankings reveal last night, and listened as multiple “experts” seemed to agree with the idea that a two loss Auburn team could get into the college football playoff over an undefeated Big Ten champion Wisconsin.

I almost puked out the two juicy bratwursts I was eating at the time. Utter shock swept over my body as I listened to this garbage. I’m not the only one stunned by this stupid idea. Yesterday, Colin Cowherd pretty much called all these people morons.

I took a scheduled phone call at 8:30 PM EST last night with a person who can be best described as somebody with lots of Wisconsin football knowledge. The discussion quickly turned in what would happen if an undefeated Wisconsin is jumped by a two-loss SEC team.

After a moment of heavy thought, I somberly said it might honestly justify a second civil war. I don’t make this claim lightly, but wars are often fought over grave injustices. There might not be a bigger miscarriage of justice than if a two-loss SEC team jumps an undefeated Big Ten champion.

I don’t know who the war would even be fought between. Would it be between Big Ten country and the playoff committee or against the SEC? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that America will crumble if the precedent is set that Power Five teams who are undefeated are left out in favor of two loss SEC teams. Can’t allow it to happen.

A civil war would be awful, but is it worth the price to protect freedom and what is right? I’d have to lean towards yes. Wisconsin wouldn’t be doing it just for ourselves. We’d be fighting for every team that would come after us in the same position. That’s true sacrifice.

Let’s pray it doesn’t get to that point, but we should all be prepared to sacrifice for freedom and a justified cause.

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