USA Today Comes Out In Defense Of Wisconsin Football’s Playoff Hopes

David Hookstead | Reporter

USA Today seems to agree with me that the Wisconsin Badgers have to be in the playoff if they go undefeated.

USA Today’s sport website The Big Lead argued in part:

It’s too early to get worked up about potential scenarios a month from now, but let’s nip something in the bud: A 13-0 Wisconsin team needs to be in the playoff. Absolutely, no questions asked. There can’t be four undefeated teams ahead of them, and I’m sorry, but 1-loss Alabama, 1-loss Notre Dame, 1-loss Clemson and 1-loss Oklahoma don’t all trump undefeated Wisconsin.

Looks like my piece about how a civil war might be necessary if an undefeated Wisconsin misses the playoff might be gaining more and more support. People who think the Badgers aren’t getting a shot at the title if they go 13-0 are idiots. I can’t simplify it any better than that.

You must be braindead to think the undefeated Big Ten champion isn’t getting in. It’s flat out not going to happen. Can we please stop with this nonsense, and just focus on reality for awhile? That’d be really nice for football fans everywhere.

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