College Bowl Games Should Be Played In Outdoor Cold Weather Stadiums

David Hookstead | Reporter

We had another awesome weekend of college football, but I’m really starting to steam about the fact no great bowl games are played in cold regions of America.

I’ve briefly touched on this before, but it’s time to really dig in. The more time spent thinking about the fact all the big bowl games are played in warm weather or domes, the more frustrated I get.

Football is a man’s game, and there’s nothing more manly than lining up in below zero weather. It’s an epic game just waiting to happen.

Now, here’s the real important point, and I know people aren’t going to be happy about it: PAC-12, SEC, Big 12 and ACC teams are almost all exclusively warm weather teams. They never play a game in the cold or snow. The same can’t be said for the Big 10.

The Big 10 breeds men in snowstorms and freezing cold weather. Playing bowl games in the South and West coast caters to just about everybody other than the Big 10. Of course, the boys from the Midwest still don’t seem to have much of a problem when it comes to winning. It’s just dumb that it’s never switched up. I’m not saying the championship game has to be played in a northern city every year, but imagine if it was once every couple years.

Alabama playing Ohio State in -10 degrees as the snow comes down would be one of the greatest backdrops for a college football in the history of the sports. Instead, they go play in domes, and it’s really lame. Give me the snow. Give me the freezing temperatures. I want players having to stand next to heaters on the sidelines.

Of course, this will almost never happen outside the Big 10. Southern schools would fight a war to stop it, and it’s probably bad for tourism. I don’t care. I’d rather lose a little money if it meant we got wild atmospheres instead.

The NCAA needs to get it done.

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