Kirk Herbstreit Goes For The Jugular Of Alabama Fan With Brutal Insult

David Hookstead | Reporter

ESPN football analyst Kirk Herbstreit recently got a little brutal on Twitter when discussing college football.

Fox NASCAR analyst and huge Alabama fan Larry McReynolds tweeted at Herbstreit, “Let’s see if the CFB committee can get it right this week! @KirkHerbstreit jumps OU all the way to #1 in his mind! He is so anti #CrimsonTide & so sick of Baker Mayfield talk!”

Naturally, that didn’t sit well with Herbstreit, who fired back with, “Anti Bama’?!?!?? Furthest thing from the truth!! Called objectivity. Isn’t there a NASCAR race or wrastling match you should be watchin?? Leave CFB analysis to the big boys. #BeatIt.”

Ladies and gentleman, that’s what you call murdering somebody on Twitter.

It has nothing to with him mentioning NASCAR. A casual observer might think that’s Herbstreit trying to insult McReynolds, but it’s not because he’s a NASCAR guy.

The kill shot is when he fired off “wrastling” in the tweet. That’s so condescending it’s ridiculous. This is why I love college football. One of the most notable guys on ESPN is tweeting at a guy like he’s a redneck who enjoys “wrastling.” He didn’t even have enough respect to spell wrestling correctly.

McReynolds needs to get off Twitter, and never return. Herbstreit literally ended his internet career.

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