‘Vice Principals’ Rides Off Into The Sunset After Two Great Seasons

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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HBO’s hit show “Vice Principals” wrapped up it’s two seasons on the air late Sunday night, and it was one hell of a great ride.

I remember when this show came out in the summer of 2016. I was instantly hooked. Danny McBride and Walton Goggins will go down as two of the most under-appreciated onscreen duos in television history. McBride was fresh off the success of “Eastbound and Down,” while Goggins had previously wrapped up an incredible six season run on FX’s “Justified.” The two were outstanding in every scene together. It was especially impressive watching Goggins go from calculated criminal mastermind Boyd Crowder to the flamboyant Lee Russell. Talk about having a huge acting range. McBride’s transition to Neal Gamby from Kenny Powers was less of a stretch, but nevertheless was fun to watch.

Fans got everything we were looking for when it came to answers. I long speculated it was Ms. Abbott that shot Gamby at the end of season one, and I think lots of fans felt the same way. We were proven right last night, but that wasn’t the best part.

The two best parts were the return of Steve Little as Gamby’s new vice principal, and the ending scene. Little played the legendary “Eastbound and Down” character Stevie for four seasons. It was a great reward for the loyal HBO audience to drop Little in for a small cameo.

The ending scene was truly the cherry on top. Lee and Gamby make eye contact across a food court. Lee gives a little hat tip, Gamby smiles and the credits roll. People might have been expecting something more explosive, which the finale was, but it was the perfect way to wrap up the show.

Gamby and Russell both got what they wanted, had moved on and no longer had a need for each other. However, it was clear they still deep down appreciated the role each other had played. It was very reminiscent of Goggin’s ending in “Justified,” but with a lot fewer words.

“Vice Principals” entertained the audience for two great seasons, and was some pure chaotic fun. It’s a shame we only got two seasons because McBride and Goggins certainly deserved more time together.

Once again, HBO hit a home run.


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