LeBron James Crowns Himself King Of New York After Dominating The Knicks

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LeBron James has crowned himself the king of New York after dominating the Knicks in Madison Square Garden on Monday night.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star may have a point too. After the Knicks gave him their best shot and led by as many as 23 points on their home court, James willed his team to a win in a physical game with a lot of drama.

Over the weekend James suggested that the Knicks missed an opportunity by passing on Dennis Smith Jr. out of N.C. State with the eighth pick in the NBA draft last summer. While some saw that as high praise for the guard who ended up on the Dallas Mavericks, the Knicks saw it as a shot at Frank Ntilikina, who they drafted instead.

So, the Knicks went after James on Monday night, but he proved to be too much for all of them to handle.

At the end of the first quarter the feud between James and the Knicks played out on the hardwood when he and Ntilikina got into a shoving match and some other Knicks came to the rookies defense. Enes Kanter went after James the hardest, resulting in each of them getting technical fouls.

“I don’t care who you are. What do you call yourself, ‘King,’ ‘Queen,’ ‘Princess,’ whatever you are,” Kanter said of James after the game. “We’re going to fight. Nobody out there is going to punk us.”

James finished with 23 points, 12 assists and nine rebounds and led his team to an impressive comeback win. He didn’t pay much mind to Kanter’s comments though.

“Well, I’m the King, my wife is the Queen and my daughter’s the Princess, so we’ve got all three covered,” he replied.

He took it a step further on Tuesday posting a photo of himself at center court in Madison Square Garden from the game, crowing himself the king of New York in an Instagram post.

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“You’re welcome,” James captioned the post, including a crown emoji ahead of the words “of NY.”